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8-Something Developing utilizes leading industry electrical and mechanical engineers for the development, integration, and operation of electronic systems and products. We offer complete solutions for New Product Introduction, Product Refresh, Feature Addition, Product Lifespan Expansion and Regulatory Compliance.

Consulting and Design

Taking your technology and customer requirements into account, we offer consulting, design, development, and service for electronic systems and software.
Electrical Engineering Proven engineers in circuit board design using ProTel, Allegro, PADs and other leading design software.
Software Services Proven software development team with experience in C++, Basic, Linux, Windows, UNIX and firmware across industry leading microcontroller and microprocessor suppliers.
Supply Chain Development We don't just design your product.  We give you everything you need to deliver a package to any contract manufacturer and get a quote on the production of your product turnkey.
Regualtory Compliance Our experts can get your product approve for distribution in any country, including experience with UL, CE, TUV, etc.  We also have FDA experience in getting medical devices through the 510K process.
Product Refresh and Lifespan Expansion Have a market still for a product that you can't build due to obsolescence.  Let our team refresh that technology and make it backward compatible to continue selling into your existing marketplace.
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